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Skin Brushing - A Million Dollar Health and Beauty Secret

This is a simple and easy way of rejuvenating and revitalising your lymphatic system and your skin. It helps to increase its eliminative capacity, especially if the skin becomes inactive and its pores clogged with millions of dead cells, uric acid and other impurities that are normally excreted through the skin but remain in your [...]

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How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

We are often asked if and how castor oil can be used to promote hair growth or counter hair loss. Below are 4 simple steps on how to do this castor oil treatment:Step 1: Apply castor oil to the scalp. Just use a few drops and massage it into the scalp for two minutes. Do not [...]

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Natural Haze Coping Methods

Having irritated nose and throat due to the haze? Have a cup (or two) of our cooling tea with a spoonful of our organic honey to boost your immunity and sooth your throat at the same time. Try our essential oils to purify the air or clear your lungs! Chrysanthemum Tea is known for its cooling properties in traditional Chinese medicine. [...]

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We love FAST

FAST (Fast and Secure Transfer) is the new electronic funds transfer service which allows almost instant transfer of funds in Singapore.  With the implementation of FAST from 17 March 2014, we are cutting down the number of bank accounts provided for payment via ATM/ internet transfer to just our corporate account with DBS.

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